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Sammi Jo and Jeremy sit down with Nathan Conley of WFNZ to discuss the Carolina Panthers.

Topics include Tampa Bay, Ray Rice, Arm Wrestling, Kelvin Benjamin, Detroit Lions, much more....

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Carolina Panthers - Tampa Bay Buccaneers Preview

Sammi Jo and Jeremy talk with Zach from about his Panthers fan organization. A phone call with DJ from Tampa Bay on what to expect from the Buccaneers on Sunday.

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Carolina Panthers banter with Sammi Jo, Jeremy, and Mike Pacheco.


Topics include -

Roster Cuts

Wide Receivers

Cam Newton inury

Season predictions

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Sports journalist Jonathan Jones joins Sammi Jo and Jeremy to discuss all things Carolina Panthers football including preseason, roster, and much more.

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Jeremy, Sammi, and special guest Boo discuss all things Carolina Panthers training camp and more.


Topics incld

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Jeremy and Sammi Jo talk with Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review. Topics include Carolina Panthers trianing camp, wide recievers, and Cam Newton.

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Jeremy and Sammi Jo sit down with Jay Weezie from Cheers Charlotte to discuss favorite football beers. Other topics include Carolina Panthers Training Camp tips and the Greg Hardy trial.

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Jeremy and Sammi Jo sit down with WFNZ Sports Radio Host Chris Kroeger for a discussion on the Carolina Panthers. Other subjects include gameday fashion mistakes and pie... thats right... pie.

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Jeremy and Sammi Jo sit down with Vinny Espositio, the Carolina Panthers music man. They discuss stadium music choices and player requests.

Bill Voth calls in to discuss how the Panthers rookies look in practice.


Phone calls.

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Jeremy and Sammi Jo discuss their new podcast and the Carolina Panthers. Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review calls in to discuss offseason practices. Phone calls from listeners.

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