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Sammi Jo and Jeremy discuss the upcoming Falcons game and its ramifications. 

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Sammi Jo and Jeremy sit down with Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review to discuss all things Carolina Panthers.

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Sammi Jo and Jeremy sit down with Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer and talk about the Cam Newton automoble accident, Tampa Bay Buccaneers preview, and more.

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Jeremy and Sammi Jo sit down to discuss with Attorney Jeremy Smith to discuss recent Carolina Panthers roster moves, Greg Hardy's return to twitter, and more.

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Sammi Jo and Jeremy sit down with Kroger to discuss latest Carolina Panthers roster moves.

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Jeremy and Sammi Jo sit down with Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman to discuss a multitude of topics. Must Listen!

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Carolina Panthers - Philadelphia Eagles and more


Sammi Jo and Jeremy sit down with attorney Jeremy Smith to talk Greg Hardy trial, Philadelphia Eagles and more...

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Carolina Panthers - New Orleans Saints and more


Jeremy and Sammi Jo welcome Jonathan Jones back to the podcast to discuss the New Orleans Saints game and more.


Topics include:

- Offensive line

- Roster moves

- Halloween Movies

- and much much more!

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Seattle Seahawks - Carolina Panthers Preview


Sammi Jo and Jeremy sit down to discuss the state of the Carolina Panthers, the Green Bay game, and the upcoming Seattle Seahawks game.


Other topics include but are not limited to:


- Charles Godfrey release

- Offensive Line woes

- relationship advice with Sammi Jo

- Halloween Costume  / Body Paint?

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Carolina Panthers - Green Bay Packers Preview , Ankle Twisting, More


Sammi Jo and Jeremy sit down with Sports Radio Host Kroeger to discuss the state of the Carolina Panthers heading into Green Bay. Also, discussion on the Burfict ankle twisting scandal and much more.

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